Reiki & Energy Healing Sessions

This takes place in person in my treatment room in Santa Fe or remotely. Your guides and medical team will be called in, and I will scan your body and field to discern areas that need attention. Reiki energies will be transmitted, and Energy Medicine techniques will be used to balance and energize your body, mind, spirit, and energy centers (chakras).

Each session is unique based on your needs at the time. As a physical channel, I am merely a conduit for Divine Healing. When booking an appointment, you are creating an agreement between your Self and the Divine.

The Space

“Katharine, you created a beautiful, comfortable and safe place for your clients to receive healing.  Your energy is pure love, care and concern for your clients’ highest healing.  You are a clear channel for the Divine to work through you.”

R.C. Santa Fe, New Mexico

“If you are considering availing yourself of Katharine’s many proven wellness gifts, I can speak of their effectiveness firsthand. It has been eight years since she first worked on me, applying Reiki while I was in the hospital emergency room. Within a day, my attending physician and nurse were marveling at my “unusual” recovery.  Katharine’s treatment room is serene and surrounded by nature. I always feel a prevailing sense of peace, even before she begins working on me. What began as a patient/wellness relationship has evolved into a friendship based on trust and integrity.”

Ronald Ross, Lamy, New Mexico

Preparing for your Session

Dress in loose, comfortable clothing.  Please refrain from wearing perfumes or scented oils.  You will remain fully dressed and Katharine will have everything needed to keep you comfortable while on her table: pillows, blankets, etc.  Please let her know in advance of your appointment if you have any special needs you would like her to consider.

Session Fees

2 hours     $185.00

1 hour     $125.00

Distance / Remote   $125.00

Ask about Gift Certificates 

If you would like to discuss payment arrangements for a session with Katharine please call her at: (505) 410-1007.