Raising energy, health and spirit

My greatest joy has been to create and offer a safe, beautiful healing space for my clients; one that is sacred and infused with Love. This is a quiet, peaceful space where you will be cared for and fully honored. You can let go of the outside world, listen to your own inner wisdom and open freely to receive the loving transmission of the healing vibrations of Reiki and Energy Medicine.

Your time here will be a unique type of Self-care. While on my table, most clients receive messages from their guides or mine and have visions or receive meaningful messages. After your session, it is my honor to share what I see and receive for you and to discuss how to integrate this information into your life.

Step out of your day to day
and into the inner realms of
emotional and physical healing and wellbeing.

You are welcome here.

Reiki Master
End-of-Life Sacred Passage Doula
Minister, Universal Life Church