Katharine was born in Santa Monica and raised in Los Angeles. She is a third-generation Angelino. During her childhood, her parents organized multiple summer trips. They took the family across the United States and the Canadian Rockies in their camper to visit nearly every National Park and almost every state in the union, including Alaska and Hawaii. These months-long camping trips instilled Katharine’s love of nature, hiking, the animal kingdom, and the splendor of sacred sites.

She attended Marlborough School in Los Angeles and the University of Arizona in Tucson. Her career took many turns over 25 years as a consultant, project manager, costume designer and co-owner of an international design and build company in the film and themed-entertainment industries. Katharine honed her ability to listen to and assess her clients’ needs with creativity and originality and gained strong legal and business backgrounds. She worked and consulted for many industries: MCA Universal Studios’ Labor Relations, Weintraub Entertainment Group’s Business Affairs and Marketing, Universal Studios Hollywood’s worldwide marketing, Universal Studios Florida’s Planning and Development, and The Silver Legacy Hotel, Resort and Casino – the joint venture between Circus-Circus and the Eldorado Resort Hotel in Las Vegas and Reno.

In 2005, personal losses and illness inspired her to investigate alternative healing modalities. She earned her certifications as a Reiki Master, a Oneness Blessing Giver, and various transformative energy healing techniques. At that time, she transitioned from the corporate world to the world of healing arts. In 2017, she received her Sacred Passage: End of Life Doula Certification from the Conscious Dying Institute in Boulder. She has combined her business and legal knowledge with her Death Doula certification to assist loved ones and clients with end-of-life preparations and ensure the wishes of the individual and loved ones are duly considered and respected.

From her early 20s to late 30s, she lived and worked in London, Athens, Riyadh, Orlando, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Scottsdale, and Santa Fe. Her travels have taken her to Egypt, Europe, Asia, South America, Fiji, Norway, Svalbard, Canada, and Mexico. Pilgrimages with Shamans to Peru, Egypt, the Arctic Circle, and sacred sites here in the American Southwest have influenced her awareness of the human condition and informed her practice.

She received her first telepathic message when she was 25 and living in Saudi Arabia. It gave her clarity about her life, changes she needed to make and a glimpse of what was to come. In all, that message took over 10 years to manifest, and when it did, it was “to the letter!”

With Little Grandmother Kiesha Crowther, Santa Fe, NM

When 30, Katharine met a woman at work who introduced her to metaphysics and to a psychic who did past life regressions.  In her first session with this woman much of what was given in the telepathic message five years earlier was repeated.  The idea that another source in a different country could share the same information intrigued Katharine… her quest for more began in earnest.

When she was 38 her beloved father died suddenly while on holiday with her mother in Istanbul, Turkey.  For the first three months following his death, he appeared to her regularly and transmitted telepathic messages in his own voice.  From that point on, the messages have been consistent.  Katharine is ever aware of her guides and angels and calls upon them in her day-to-day life and in her healing practice.

Katharine has lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico for the most part since 1995 and travels regularly to Los Angeles to visit with family and friends.

In Peru

Katharine, on right, with Arabic interpreter, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia