Energy Healing  –  How I Work

While I am a Reiki Master, I utilize the energy medicine methods I have learned from Donna Eden in every session. My work is a blend of Reiki, Energy Medicine and  intuitive guidance. Each session is unique for each client and is rarely duplicated from appointment to appointment. I practice with the ages-old Reiki protocols but will deviate from them anytime I am guided.

Clairsentience allows me to receive messages through my own body. For example, if you have unspoken anger that I am unaware of, I will most likely feel congestion in my own throat. That information allows me to customize your experience without you telling me anything about yourself. Claircognizance, which means I receive input about where my hands need to go to help a client, feels like an instant knowing is downloaded within me, a knowing without being told.  I often don’t understand “why” because I am not always privy to the inner workings of each client, but I do as I am guided.

As I see it, in the simplest of terms, we are all electromagnetic beings. Energy moves throughout our bodies via electrical currents through multiple meridians, which run from the top of our heads to the tip of our toes. Signals are sent to our vital organs, ligaments, bones, blood, and tissue through our meridians (think of a complicated freeway exchange in a major city). When a pathway is disrupted, such as during stressful situations, illness, pain, etc., using Energy Medicine and/or Reiki can repair the disruption.

As children, most of us learned to drag a magnet through sand to attract the fuzzy black metals contained within it. In the same way, an Energy Medicine practitioner uses their hands to move energies that cause blockages and to attract and install positive energies for the client.

All these concepts translate with distance/remote energy sessions via Zoom. Think of yourself sitting in your home talking on the phone through the frequencies of Wi-Fi to someone on the other side of the planet. There is no actual piece of wire connecting the two of you, but you are connected nonetheless.  The frequencies travel in real-time. Reiki energy is transmitted in the same way.

“Thank you for you, Katharine!  Ever since my session, I feel as though I have woken up.  I didn’t realize how down I had been.  My ‘norm’ was not normal, and it took your help for me to realize it.  I feel SO much better; calm, centered, excited!”

A. Chan Esq. Santa Fe, NM